East-West Summite on Nanophotonics and Meta-materials 2009, Taipei, Taiwan




Important Date:
‧ Conference Dates : 4/29-5/2
‧ Abstract Due : March 31 2009


3rd Symposium on Nanophotonics Sciences and Technology, Taroko, Hua-Lien, Taiwan
PIERS 2005 (Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium), Zangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Important Date:
‧ Conference Dates : August 22 – 26, 2005
‧ Abstract Due : January 10, 2005
Optics & Photonics 2005 (SPIE 50th Annual Meeting), San Diego, CA, USA

Plasmonic Nano-imaging and nanofabrication (NP205), San Diego, CA, USA

Important Date:
‧ Conference Dates : 31 July – 4 August 2005
‧ Abstract Due : 17 January 2005
  ‧ Manuscript Due : 5 July 2005


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Conference Chairs: Satoshi Kawata, Osaka Univ. and RIKEN (Japan); Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue Univ.; Din Ping Tsai, National Taiwan Univ. (Taiwan)

Program Committee: Naomi J. Halas, Rice Univ.; Teruya Ishihara, RIKEN and Tohoku Univ. (Japan); Fritz Keilmann, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biochemie (Germany); Aaron Lewis, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem (Israel); Olivier J. Martin, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland); Martin Moskovits, Univ. of California/Santa Barbara; Masaya Notomi, NTT Basic Research Labs. (Japan); Lukas Novotny, Univ. of Rochester; John B. Pendry, Imperial College London (United Kingdom); Joseph W. Perry, Georgia Institute of Technology; Marie-Paule Pileni, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (France); Yung Doug Suh, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (South Korea)

Recently plasmonic nanophotonics has been established as an all-encompassing optical science and technology, which has impacted a diverse range of research disciplines, from information technology to biological study. Plasmonic nano-imaging and nano-fabrication concerns particularly on the plasmonic interactions on the nanoscale, where researchers are discovering new phenomena and developing technologies that go well beyond what is possible with conventional photonics and electronics. These new technologies could include high spatial resolution near-field imaging, high efficiency information processing and transferring, high-capacity optical data storage, flexible- and high-contrast displays, and precise detection, control and manipulation of nanoscale species, as well as nano-fabrication of nanodevices and integrated systems. Moreover, plasmonic nanophotonics will continue to impact biomedical technologies by providing new and powerful diagnostic techniques, as well as light-guided and activated therapies.

The objective of this conference is to convene from industry, academia, government, and other research organizations, scientists and researchers interested in the advances of plasmonic nanophotonics and the applications of plasmonic nano-imaging and nano-fabrication, to discuss novel developments of plasmonic design, characterization, and simulation of various nanomaterials, nano-devices and systems. The conference is oriented from fundamental to application of plasmonic nanophotonics in nano-imaging, sensing and fabrication. Papers are solicited in the following areas:

fundamental research on the optical properties of plasmonic structures, devices and systems new plasmonic nanophotonic designs and fabrication approaches near-field enhancements of plasmonic imaging or sensing such as nanometallic tip for imaging or sensing nanomaterials, nanostructures, nano-devices, and nano systems, for plasmonic nano-photonic imaging and sensing, nanolithography, nano-fabraications and nano-storage novel applications of plasmonic photonic structures, devices, and systems
electromagnetism on the plasmonic interactions of nanostructures, devices and systems in nanometer scale instrumentation and characterizations of plasmonic nanoscale materials, structures, devices and systems, and their relationship plasmonic optics at the interfaces and surfaces of nanomaterials, nano structures, nano devices and nanophotonic systems nanofabrication, processing, templates and device design for plasmonic nano-imaging, nano-sensing, nano-spectroscopy, nano-fabrication, nanolithography, and nanostorage plasmonic materials based on metallic, semiconductor, and nano-composite materials plasmonic quantum effects, interactions and their applications plasmonic nanophotonic applications in biological, chemical, and environmental monitoring.

4th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Near-field Optics (APNFO4), Taroko, Hua-Lien, Taiwan (2003)
International Conference ISPS 2001, Taipei, Taiwan 


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